Online Workshop – PERFECT BOB

Bob haircuts have an interesting history. What used to be seen as a bold sign of independence and modernity has grown from an act of rebellion into one of the most popular haircuts in the salon. The bob is the go-to choice for independent, forward-thinking women.


In this remote online workshop, we develop the 3 most important bob shapes in the salon: the long bob (LOB), the classic graduated bob and the short graduated mini bob. In addition, we train 3 different variants for an interesting forehead motif: Face-framing steps with a center parting, a longer pony falling to the side with side parting and a long „curtain“ pony.


We will give you online access to the 3 training sessions for the RHT online workshop “Perfect Bob”. These sessions allow you to work out the respective haircuts on your own 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and repeat them as often as you want.

A haircut training session will take around 90-120 minutes. Our RHT online workshops are among others suitable to effectively use idle time in the salon. The only requirement for implementation is a standard smartphone.


Online access to the RHT online workshop for 1 month
1 workbook
Optional: 1 training head
Optional on loan: 1 training tripod with smartphone holder
RHT online workshop certificate


Our training sessions are produced using our exclusive remote hands-on training (RHT) method. Simply contact us without obligation to receive a short demo.


Duration: 1 month online access for 3 training sessions including workbook