Online Workshop – HOT PIXIE


Short hair used to be a sign of real strength and independence – it wasn’t until after the First World War in the 1920s that women began to wear short hairstyles (mostly bob with a perm). They stood for the working, active woman and were a symbol for the liberation from old social structures. It got even shorter in the 1960s. The model Twiggy made the pixie famous. That too was a real revolution, after all, really short hair was only for men at that time. But Twiggy and her Pixie prevailed – millions of women copied the cut and emulated the cover images of the mannequin. By the way, the name Pixie means elf (in English). The cut bears the name because it gives its wearer not only something strong, but also something elven-like and delicate at the same time.


In this remote online workshop we develop the most important short haircuts in the salon: the asymmetrical, short bob, the asymmetrical pixie and the classic pixie haircut.


We will give you online access to the 3 training sessions for the RHT online workshop “Hot Pixie”. These sessions allow you to train the respective haircuts on your own 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and repeat them as often as you want. In order to ensure maximum training success, you will receive feedback from your personal trainer.

A haircut training session will take around 90-120 minutes. Our RHT online workshops are among others suitable to effectively use idle time in the salon. The only requirement for implementation is a standard smartphone.


Online access to the RHT online workshop for 1 month
1 workbook
RHT online workshop certificate


Our training sessions are produced using our exclusive remote hands-on training (RHT) method. Simply contact us without obligation to receive a short demo.


Duration: 1 month online access for 3 training sessions including workbook