RHT Workshop – REAL MEN


Confidently master masculine forms with fast, easily understandable workflows. Create strong looks with nooks and crannies, skillfully master challenges in terms of density, fullness and direction of fall. Define your designs skillfully and adapt them to customer requirements.


In this remote online workshop, we develop the most important men’s haircuts in the salon: from the longer shapes to the short cube shape and the bombage.


We will give you online access to the 3 training sessions for the RHT online workshop “Hot Pixie”. These sessions allow you to work out the respective haircuts on your own 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and repeat them as often as you want.

A haircut training session will take around 90-120 minutes. Our RHT online workshops are among others suitable to effectively use idle time in the salon. The only requirement for implementation is a standard smartphone.


Online access to the RHT online workshop for 1 month
1 workbook
RHT online workshop certificate


Our training sessions are produced using our exclusive remote hands-on training (RHT) method. Simply contact us without obligation to receive a short demo.

Duration: 1 month online access for 3 training sessions including workbook

Workshop price: EUR 79,99 plus VAT.

Available from January 2021

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